Children & Youth

We have a huge heart and passion to see all lives transformed by the love of Jesus and we know that nothing is more foundational than this. Because of this we pour so much into our children's and youth work. We also know the struggles and weariness that being a parent can bring. So we want to get alongside you, walk with you, and grow as a family, together.


We love and care deeply for children and youth and care greatly for their well-being and journey with Christ. But we also deeply care for you, the parents and guardians of your children and young people. We just want to journey alongside you, eat with you, pray with you, listen to you and so much more.  


children / ages 3-12

Children from ages 3-12, are shown and told powerful and beautiful stories from the bible. We act them out, colour them in and really get creative with these stories. We dance, create, sing and act out these bold and true events, anchoring our children in the spectacular truth's of the bible. 


Youth/ ages 13-18 

Our youth groups are built around the foundations of God's truth and we discuss, wrestle and talk through some of the larger questions we have about Christianity. We have a relaxed, open and honest atmosphere that allows for friendships to be built. We also create and host events that engage our youth, inside and outside of the church.

Children’s & Youth Missioner Application

We are extremely pleased to announce that our Children’s and Youth Missioner fund has been reached! We’re extremely excited for them to begin their ministry with us. We will keep you updated with our progress but we hope for them to begin soon and see the vision God has laid on their heart.