We have a number of services throughout the week in which we gather to eat, to pray, to worship, to serve, to receive and create space to rest in the presence of Jesus. 



Sunday Morning service / 10:30am

Our morning services run from 10:30am(ish) - 12:00pm. 
Our morning gatherings create space to hear from the Holy Spirit. We have fellowship and prayer with one another and with prayer and thanksgiving give glory to God. 

We have breakfast with one another before our service, so we would encourage you to get there slightly earlier so you don't miss out on the wonderful food and gathering of family. 

We also do lunch together twice a term as a church! For more information on what goes on at St Peter’s email: and ask to be signed up for our weekly email.

Also, if you have missed a sermon or just fancy hearing a talk again - please do use the button below and listen!



Tuesday lunch break service / 1:00pm-1:25pm

On Tuesday's we have our lunchtime services which are held at our daily Café At The Cross. This service is a place to meet, pray and worship in the midst of day to day life.

It's also an opportunity to receive teaching from our speakers, to be encouraged, find rest and be strengthened in the middle of what can be an extremely busy time.


SUNDAY EVENING GATHERING / first sunday of the month / 6:30 - 8:00 pm 

Our Sunday evening gathering is an informal and spacious time of worship, Bible input, and prayer.

Have you ever wanted space in worship to engage more deeply with the Holy Spirit? Have you ever wanted to explore the gifts of the Spirit, and make sense of them for yourself? Has God placed a desire within you to grow in your experience of the Holy Spirit in your life? Do you just want some help making sense of all of this talk of the Holy Spirit in a safe and generous environment?

Come along to find out more.



We offer the facilities and capabilities for baby baptisms and full body immersions.
If this is something that you would like more information about, or you would like to enquire further into having yourself baptised and/or planning a baptism then please contact Jonathan Phillips at




We love weddings, and we love the celebration and commitment that two people make to one another through marriage, and sharing this with friends, family and everyone in-between.

We offer the facilities and capabilities to host weddings with legal contracts, bindings and the space required to seat up to 80 people. To enquire into having your wedding hosted in
St. Peter's, please contact




We are able to offer the facilities and capabilities for funerals to be spoken through about, planned through and hosted in St. Peter's with all necessary legal requirements. 

To discuss planning a funeral please contact and we will get back to you as soon as possible.