Meet the Team

Our wonderful team of staff and volunteers would love to welcome you to St Peter's. Here are just a few of the faces you'll see around...

The Leadership Team


Rev Jonathan Phillips

Pioneer Vicar

Rev Michael Leyden

Associate Minister

Jonathan Price

Technical Oversight & Small Groups

Safeguarding & Evangelism

Jane Kite

PSDT & Strategic Oversight

Nev Kite

Finance & Operations

Cath Jones

Children's & Youth Missioner

The Core Staff Team


Denise Beech

Café Manager

Bob Toan

Cafe Chaplaincy Team Coordinator

Cath Jones

Children's and Youth Missioner

Sophie Widdas

Parish Administrator & Assistant Café Manager

The Sunday Team


Joy Lancaster

Welcome Team Coordinator

Anne Naylor

Pastoral Care Facilitator & PACT Small Groups Coordinator

Jim Cook

Worship Coordinator

Jayne Price

Hospitality Team Coordinator

Pam Webb

Prayer Ministry & Intercessions Coordinator

Julian Annison

Sound & AV Coordinator

Jonathan Price

Sounds & AV Coordinator

Laurence Noble

Zoom & Online Services Aficionado



Jonathan Phillips: Priest in Charge

Michael Leyden: Associate Minister

Sophie Widdas: Secretary

Nev Kite: Treasurer

Will Webb: Warden

Jonathan Price: Warden

Julian Annison: Lay member

Lizzie Wiffen: Lay member

Wendy Swan: Lay member

Darren Andrews: Lay member

Denise Noble: Lay member

Anne Naylor: Lay member

Ian Clarke: Lay member

Stephen Beveridge: Night Church Guest