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St Peter’s Church is a network of communities sharing God’s love at the heart of the city...

"Our vision is to see the city of

Chester transformed by God’s love."

We will realise our vision through four branches of ministry:


Establishing a network of relevant expressions of church


Following God into the city, to where we live and work to bring His love and blessing


Supporting Kingdom causes

Events for Unity

Partnering in church unity across the city

These values are at the core of everything we do as a church...

Love God

We love God because He loved us first. His love transforms lives and communities. This is our prayer for Chester.

Strengthen Wellbeing

We support one another in cultivating balance, wholeness and peace in all areas of life.

Care for Creation

We take responsibility for God’s creation and continuously work towards creating a more sustainable way of life.

Value People

We treat every person with kindness and respect; so that all are truly seen, heard, appreciated and belong.

Act with Kindness

We love Chester by giving practically and generously, working alongside others to bring about positive change.

Foster Connection

We seek out and create opportunities to connect meaningfully, build community and share in life as a family. 

Advocate Justice

We stand for what is just over what is comfortable and play an active role in making our city and world a fairer place for all. 

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