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Prayer & Pastoral Care

Prayer and pastoral care is on offer to anyone who steps through the door of St Peter's (in person or virtually!). Here are a few ways we do this. If you are new to St Peter's and would like the opportunity to connect with others, please do get in touch.

PACT Connect Groups

What is a Connect Group?


A Connect Group is a small number of people from the Sunday congregation, with a PACT* Connector. (*Pastoral Accountability Care Team)


The Vision:


Connect, Pray and Encourage.


The Connect Groups exist to ensure that all the members of our Sunday community are connected, prayed for and encouraged on a regular basis and are an integrated part of the St Peter’s Sunday community.


You will receive a weekly email from your PACT Connector as a reminder to take a moment to pray for all of your Connect Group, at minimum once a week. If and when it is appropriate, or people feel comfortable: people can put in prayer requests to the group and/or a small encouragement.  

The current phase of Connect Groups will run until December 2020.

Prayer Ministry

We believe that through Jesus we can know complete freedom in every area of our lives. Sometimes along the way we encounter things that leave us a bit ‘stuck’ or that seem to hinder us in some way. 

We have a Prayer Ministry Team here at St Peter's who love to help lead people to greater freedom in their lives through prayer on a Sunday morning.

If you would like someone to pray with you in the week please do pop into St Peter’s Café at the Cross and ask as there will be a Chaplain to prayer for you. Equally, do not hesitate to get in touch with Rev Jonathan Phillips: | 07813709035

Small Groups

St Peter’s runs a number of different small groups every term. The purpose of every group is to be ‘disciples making disciples.’


A small group might look like: 

  • Sermon Series Small Group

  • Prayer Based Small Group

  • Theology Courses

  • Welcome Group

  • Prayer Triplets

  • Regular Pub Night

  • Mission and Evangelism Training

We also run a number of courses (Marriage, Parenting and Alpha), more information on these can be found here.

This format of varied and regularly changing small groups is innately St Peter’s shaped and we hope you will find something that you can help you to grow in faith and community. We also encourage people to become part of a prayer triplet or to have a prayer partner which can last as long or short a time as you wish.

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