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St Peter's is a network of many communities. Our communities meet in different settings formed around a common interest, all with a heart to see the city of Chester transformed by God's love.

Communities are key to our vision. Discover what St Peter's is about by reading about our communities below or keep scrolling to learn how you can get involved. 

The Isabella Theatre Community

Café at

the Cross

Sunday Services

Games at the Cross

Tuesday Expresso Service

WellbArt and Friday Uplift


& Youth


Home to Night Church

City Centre


City Centre


Can't find one that fits? How about starting one of your own?

How do i join a community?

Communities are open to anyone, whether you have never thought about faith before or you are looking to get connected with a church. The best place to start is by having a look through all of our communities on this page and to get in touch!

If you like the look of a community, arrange to go along, meet people and see what they do. No one will be offended if you go to try out their Community but decide it’s not quite for you!

We’re always up for chatting to you and helping you find a Community. If you can't find one that suits you or would just like to talk it through with someone, drop us an email...

how do i join a community
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